Sunday, April 28, 2013

Just a short little Hate-Post about the Amazing Race


   Let me tell you, I loathe this show. These idiots run around the world screaming and shouting at locals trying to win this stupid game.
   Let me start by telling how the rest of the world views Americans: the rest of the world sees us as materialistic, racist, uneducated, stupid (Hahaha), arrogant, and environmentally unconscious.
   That is exactly what these people are.
   They show up in some poor town in an 'exotic' country, and run around screaming their damn heads off aggravating the locals and pounding the stereotypes eve more firmly into their heads.
   And then they're culturally ignorant. In my mind, this is the worst part, because they must have purposely chosen the least cultured people in the world when they were casting for this show.
   Then, normal people show up, like myself (Well, I'm not normal, but at least I"m not a stereotype) and try to experience foreign cultures and we're treated like snot because of the people who go to these countries and think they have run of the place!
   Sorry for my rant. Have a nice evening!

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