Monday, June 10, 2013

Sony Nails it at E3

   Wow. Just wow-that's all I can say coming away from Sony's stunning presentation at E3 tonight. Leaving Microsoft fans grinding their teeth in frustration, Sony managed to completely blow the Xbox One out of the water with their PS4.

   Representatives of the company assured us that Sony believes in used games, and a consumers right to trade or give away their games to whomever they want and will continue to support this in the future. In addition, they will not require any sort of internet connection AT ALL to access single player content. That right there blew Microsoft to pieces, but Sony wasn't done. While Xbox One carries a hefty price tag of $499, Sony squats over Microsoft's obliterated body and proceed to teabag the remains with a sexy price of $399.
   I could end the column right here, we could all go home, and preorder our PS4's right now, but no. This wasn't enough for Sony. In addition to all of this, they managed to make this presentation almost entirely about the games and what gamers want.
   Let's begin with my biggest nerdgasm: Kingdom Hearts III. That's right, people. It's here, and it's due out in spring of 2014.

   Although only mere seconds of game footage were shown by Square Enix at the conference, I think it is entirely safe to say that this is a fair reason to purchase the Playstation 4.
   The PS4 will also be introducing around 140 titles in it's first year, many featuring brand new indie developers that will just blow you away.
   Along with Kingdom Hearts III, Square Enix also introduced the brand-spanking new Final Fantasy XV. An absolutely gorgeous cinematic was shown, and I just can't wait.
   Many other extremely exciting titles are also coming out including Infamous: Second Son, Destiny, Elder Scrolls Online (yes yes yes!), and Diablo III.
   This is just a quick gloss-over, of course. I will be on over the course of the next few days due to my crazy schedule posting the rest of the details from the presentation.