Thursday, May 23, 2013

Xbox One: What We Know

   So, as you are all probably aware (unless you're living under some sort of Internet-less rock. Seriously, install a router, geez.), E3 has been going on this past week and with it has come the official announcement of the brand new, shiny Xbox One.
Tell me that's not what it looks like. Come on, try.
   Looking a bit like someone took a 360 and fused it with a black Wii, the Xbox One sports an 8-core x86 processor, HDMI pass-thru, Blu-Ray Player, and comes with 8gb of RAM and a 500gb hard drive.

   In layman's terms, it's a pretty hefty piece of gaming equipment.
   The new Xbox will also give us all the usual crap: web browser, Facebook, Twitter, and a bunch of other stuff that no gamer really wants (it also comes with Skype now so we can talk to all the friends we don't have!).
   Now, on to the important topic: the games.
   HAH. You think they would actually announce GAMES to go with an XBOX? Preposterous!-no, throughout the entire presentation (about an hour) the final few minutes were the only part that talked about the games at all.
   They are as follows: 4 crappy EA sports games, and CoD: Ghosts.
Just sayin'

   Now, you might say I'm being a bit critical of the new Xbox, and you would probably be right, so let's change the focus to the good things about the Xbox One.
   Firstly, it seems that Microsoft has begun a revolution in the way we play against our friends. A CPU will now monitor the way you play games, and be capable of emulating so that even if you're not online, your friends can still play multiplayer with 'you!'.
   In addition, games will now be installed directly to your Xbox (hence the large memory) meaning no more fiddling with the disks every time you want to play a game, although said disks will still be used the first time you play.
   All in all, I'd say it's not a bad machine and give it a 6/10. I would say more, but at the moment, none of this means a thing because we don't have any really good games planned yet. If said games were announced, we would be looking closer to 8 or 9/10. Not perfect, but pretty damn good.

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