Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Latest in Call of Duty Franchise Confirmed

Picture accompanying tweet
   Call of Duty: Ghosts was confirmed today when the picture to the side was tweeted online by means of the official Call Of Duty Twitter account.
   Also released today was a game poster featuring Simon 'Ghost' Riley, who last appeared in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

   The game is said to run on a 'next-generation engine' and is supposedly the 'next generation of call of duty.' Does this mean we can expect big changes in game mechanics? Possibly, although more likely are new weapons, along with updated weapons. Relatively disappointing, but still change.
   The game, to be launched on November 5th, can currently be preordered at Gamestop, and is going to be launched on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC in addition to the Playstation 4, and Xbox 720 (giving us better ideas of their release dates). Also likely is another terrible handheld version for the Nintendo 3DS, but no one cares about that. know I love you, but facts are facts.
   Also released along with minimal information was a teaser trailer of the game here.
   Now for my own personal opinions. I own only Modern Warfare 3, and I am not a fan. I've played Black Ops 1, and thought it to be slow and rather dull (in addition to mind-numbingly easy). Black Ops 2 I never even watched the trailer. Zombies? Really? Well, now we are moving from zombies to ghosts. Wonderful.
   So much for experiencing something moderately close to what it's like serving in a country's armed forces. Now we are playing Ghost Hunters: The Video Game.
   No offense if you enjoy the CoD titles, but they're not for me. Particularly the online play. In that, Playstation has it all over Xbox, despite their network crashing on occasion. At least it isn't overrun by 10 year-olds telling me they shagged my mother.
   Oh well.What are you gonna do? It's possible this game may just be named Ghost, in which case I'll give it a shot. But chances are if it is another supernatural shooter, it will go unpurchased by yours truly.

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